Friday, June 10, 2011

perfect presents! {a ladies' gift guide}

So I really really love presents. Really a lot. I wish I got presents more than a few times a year. It's just too fun, and I especially love buying or making presents. I love little gift sections in stores. The kind of stuff you say to yourself, "I would never buy that for myself, but I would love that as a gift!" {You know, the stuff that's too expensive, and maybe not so practical for everyday but perfect for special occasions!}

Here are some of those things, because I just love gifts. {In fact I'm pretty certain it's my love language.} I want to start buying more gifts for people on random occasions because it makes my heart happy. So the following are things I would just love to have on hand to give to people I love- for whenever! {Oh and this can also serve as a non-official list of things I'd love to have as well, you know, if anyone feels like they'd love to buy me a gift- ha}

Caitlyn Bag from Vera Bradley $22

Aren't gifts fun? 

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