Monday, May 23, 2011

speaking of being more organized...

So I'm not the kind of person who generally plans too far in advance. 

I like to procrastinate- it's not one of my better traits.

So ideally I would have written a lot of blog posts ahead of a trip we're going on {tomorrow} then had them scheduled out, but like I said, I'm bad at planning. Sorry about that. So the blog is taking a break for a week!

Tomorrow Ben and I are dropping the girls off at my parents and then going to Chicago for a few days! {Followed up of course with a visit back to my parents and a few other places}

We don't have too many plans yet- although on the top of our list are of course:


Any other suggestions? I'm sure we'll be downtown as well, let me know if you have any favorite places we must see! {It's been a while since we've been}.

I'm excited to share with you some pictures when we get back! Until then!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

innovative organizing

I love organizing! And I am totally in the organizing mood. Here are some new and interesting ways to keep organized. Hope you are inspired!


The Fun Times Guide

I love those buckets for paper!

Kris Morgan

Buttons can never be organized apart from a jar. I'm convinced. And I love how these are under a shelf.

Paper Monkey

A "Pencil Garden" pretty and practical!

The best way to organize paper! I would love a desk like this.

Poppy Talk

I love wall organization systems. This one is beautiful.


Nic and Boys

These shelves are made out of rain gutters! Wow!

Pottery Barn Kids

There's something about cubbies. Don't you agree?

The Inspired Room

Chalk board labels. Love the look of it. For kids though, I might be tempted to paint it on and still go for the "look".


Kris Morgan


The Kitchen Cabinets Center

Open shelving makes me happy. I would do it in our kitchen but I'd be a little afraid of dust. I love it though.

Honey & Fitz

Again with the chalkboard- too cute. This scenario is a little more practical.

Honey & Fitz

Along with the chalkboard jar labels! Precious. Makes me want to organize my pantry. Wait I don't have one. But it makes me want one so I can organize it!


Three Boys

Liquid and powder detergent kept in jars. Much prettier than the boxes and jugs.

Kathryn Leach Home

Again- there's something wonderful about cubbies.

The Idea Room

These look like they were made with Starbuck Frappucino jars to give the look of milk jars. I like it.


Practical bathroom organizing. Makes life a little easier.

In fact all of this would make life a little easier! Anyone inspired to go re-organize something? I'm pretty sure I'm going to put that chalkboard paint to good use here soon. So many possibilities!

Monday, May 16, 2011

scrapbook paper, how i love you

So if you've been a follower of my blog for long you may have noticed my love for Paper Source paper. Well pretty much any amazing scrapbook paper. It makes me as happy as fabric. 

Unlike fabric though, I can't think of as many uses. So I'm writing a blog post on the uses of paper to hopefully encourage me in my collection {oh and yours as well}. It's beautiful, and it's sitting around waiting to be used on something spectacular that I can't think of.

Ok. Here goes. 

{PS In case you're wondering I'm the worst at scrapbooking- probably because I don't have time- but I have a weakness for pretty paper, and therefore the need to find more uses.}

The Many Uses of Scrapbook Paper

party hats

Yarah Designs

Yarah Designs

cards & invites





place cards

Scissor Variations

Wedding Paper Divas


Martha Stewart

Heather Bailey


Juicy Bits 
{actually out of pieces of fabric, but this could easily be done with paper}

Carolina Cottage

Carolina Cottage


Under the Sycamore

Smart Bottom Enterprises 
{this whole wall for $13 total- using glue dots to stick}

The Blueberry Monkey


Good Housekeeping

Scissor Variations


Paper Source

party bags

Twig and Thistle

So what do you think? Inspired? 

Friday, May 13, 2011

diy projects

Are you longing for some DIY projects? Here are a few I ran across and love- I can't wait to get started!

Look at these precious dolls! The one below is from Jones Design Company but you an find the pattern below that.

Pattern here

I love this Anthropologie inspired pillow! Beautiful, and looks simple enough!

Tutorial here

How cute are pinwheels!!

Tutorial here

Used for place cards here- too cute!

This one is from a friend of mine- home made laundry detergent! It makes a ton and for way cheap!

Tutorial here

And finally... a painted {yes painted} rug. Love it.

Tutorial here

Anyone excited to tackle any of these projects? My problem is picking one! I'd love to hear {and see!} if you do!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

not so permanent decor

Our family was at Pottery Barn Kids the other day {a family favorite} and I noticed a few things I wanted to share. 

Is anyone renting and can't do a lot of the changes to your place that I talk about {oh so often} on the blog?

Depending on where you are, you may or may not be able to paint, which can personalize your space so much- or add interesting light fixtures etc.

Here are a few things I noticed at PBK and elsewhere that are not so permanent decor changes you can do in a rental and still add personality.

Oh, by the way, maybe besides the Vinyl Decals {which might require some intense equipment for the larger ones} I'm thoroughly convinced you can make everything in this post...

V I N Y L   D E C A L S

Look Sugar
O V E R S I Z E D   A R T


C E I L I N G   M O B I L E S



What do you think? Do you have any other ideas for not so permanent decor?


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