Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m a visionary. I like to create, build, think up, and dream. I’m very, very, very DIY. My hope is to give you a window into my life as a stay-at-home {creative} mother of two.

I’m a mom to my two beautiful darlings Zuriah Grace {age 3} and Anah Jubilee {age 1} They are such amazing joys in my life! In fact I was on the path to careerdom before they were born, and my plan was to work, that is, until I met them. I can’t be away from them so my heart is here, in the home.

I went to school for marketing but I'm an entrepreneur at heart. Being that my heart is in the home I would love to one day start a business from here {my home}.

I’m a wife to my amazingly wonderful brilliant {and handsome} husband Ben. He’s a writer {unlike me- I hope to mostly have a picture blog} and a teacher {almost}.

I love my life and where God has brought my family. I hope I can inspire you, even if a little bit, to dream too!


So as previously mentioned I’m not so much of a writer, but I think up way too many ideas and do way too many projects to not share them. It makes my heart happy to share them so I hope you will enjoy as well!

I’m not so good at grammar {my previously english-majoring hubby makes fun of me} so excuse my misplaced commas.

I love all things domestic. But am also quite obsessed with design and diy projects. So this is my blog: Back to Domestics {a little blog devoted to diy, design, and domesticity}.


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