Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{i love}: silhouettes

So while researching my family I found we are related to a famous Danish poet, {Knud Lyne Rahbek- there is a museum about him in Denmark- in his old house I might add- I would love to go someday!} Anyway, here is a silhouette of his wife, Kamma. They lived in the 1700's.

I guess silhouettes are just another thing I love from past centuries... and look modern they can look now!



Home made Christmas presents anyone?

Check back tomorrow for some more Christmas present making inspiration and later this week for a tutorial!

Monday, November 29, 2010


How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I was so blessed to spend it with one of my best friends in the world {Mrs. Volkert}. It was beautiful. I'm so thankful to have such wonderful friends.

Look how beautifully she decorated!

The book page wreath looks so cute in front of the antique windows!

We all had place cards of course...

As well as the children {Miss Zuriah pictured here}

It was delightful.

Then if spending 6 hours with one of my best friends in the world wasn't enough, I got to spend the rest of the night with my other best friend- I was so honored to accompany Mrs. Parker midnight shopping on Thursday, {which I must say I have never done ever before... and that includes any type of Black Friday shopping before 3 pm}. It was fun. Very fun. We only watched as everyone rushed through the doors, and we ate donuts and chatted for a long time with no kids {not to mention shopping and trying to stay awake}. I will definitely do it again, but only if I can go with someone equally as entertaining! {also a big thanks to Mr. Varner who let me sleep in}.

I simply adore my friends.
Can you tell I've watched one too many period movies this week?

{in other, unrelated news, I read Peter Rabbit to Zuriah tonight entirely in an English accent}

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

little known facts {about me}

Here are some things I like. Just because. It's a bit random. Just a warning.

{If you are one of my bff's you can just ignore this post or smile because you most likely know it all anyway}


{Period Movies}
Although I'm not too much a fan of books... mostly because I can't get out of them and end up wasting days upon days... movies are much quicker and more enjoyable for me

Yes, I do end up wanting to call Ben "Mr. Varner" when I'm finished watching, and use words like "disagreeable" and "splendid." {and I do prefer the BBC version of P&P... with some exceptions}

{Antique Shops}
the cutest antique town ever... Paxico, Kansas

Especially antique furniture. In this particular town they had a baby cradle that was 200 years old and came to Kansas by covered wagon. I would furnish my entire house in antiques if I could afford it.

{Mannheim Steamroller}
I grew up with it, what can I say? And I'm rather festive.

I think I love the history and charm... and cute little ancient towns like Bath... and Canterbury is also a fav. I would love to live there but doubt I could ever leave my family {or my family could stand to be away from the girlies}.

{Designer Fabric}
I'd love to one day own my own boutique and carry all my favorites. Just looking at all of it makes me happy!
{this is designer Heather Bailey carried by Fabritopia}

And daybeds because they're perfect for them... hence the name. This one looks perfect, love the colors. {Haven daybed by Thomasville}

{Friends and Family}
Last but not least... of course. I have the BEST friends in the world! And my family is wonderful and love us dearly. I am very thankful.

I have the best husband and little girls a girl could ask for. What a blessing.


There you have it a little glimpse into me.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

sheet music garland {tutorial... kind of}

As I was pondering how cute sheet music is displayed, {and wondering what I am to do with all this extra sheet music}, I thought...  garland! Why not? 

And so easy, just cut, tape and you're done!

 It adds a little vintage feel to the tree, perfect!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

sheet music ornament {tutorial}

Remember the lovely chipboard inspiration from Friday? I went out and grabbed some from Hobby Lobby {about $8 for a poster board sized sheet- although I'm sure you could find it 50% off or use a coupon} Also I heard Wal-Mart has it in 12x12 sheets {much easier to store, mine is awkwardly in my dining room at the moment} Anyway even for the maximum price of $8 you can get a whole lot of ornaments or other fun decorations or gifts. 

I decided to use some sheet music I found at an antique store {I'm pretty sure you can also pick some up at thrift stores} to add to the ornament, I bet pretty paper would be beautiful too!


For this project you will need:

* Chipboard
* Sheet music {or pretty paper}
* Mod Podge
* X-Acto knife or die cut machine
* Glitter
* Elmer's glue
* Paint brush
* Pencil

First I used Mod Podge to adhere a piece of sheet music to the chipboard before cutting.
{don't you just love Mod Podge?!}

Then I put on one layer of Mod Podge over the sheet music to give it a bit of sheen.

After dried, I then cut my shape- I cut a circle for this particular one using a X-Acto knife {I found a circle isn't any harder to cut than a square but you do need go over it a few times for both} Little shapes are possible to cut with an X-Acto but may be a little labor-some. I would probably suggest a die cut machine or different type of knife for more intricate shapes.

A tip if you don't have a cutting mat... I used my kitchen cutting board!

Make sure the Mod Podge is completely dried before drawing your design.

I drew a bird and a border, then painted them in with Elmer's glue {which I find holds glitter a little better than Mod Podge}

Then added the glitter.

After dried, I added a ribbon to the back with hot glue and voila!

Here are a few more

That easy!

Friday, November 19, 2010

the many uses of {chipboard}

Let's talk about the wonders of chipboard. What's chipboard? Well it's a fantabulous thing you really need to know about, especially at Christmas crafting time! 

Let me just list some of the fun {Christmasy} things I've found you can make from chipboard, {think firm thin cardboard}


{gift tags}

I love the vintage feel to this one

How perfect are all these tags?


Make beautiful knock-off Pottery Barn ornaments!


Calendars {although you would need a letterpress for this particular one}

Clocks... yes clocks. 

Letters for various uses

Games- how cute is this memory game? 


I hope you're inspired! 

Some chipboard tutorials coming on Monday! 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

my favorite diy wreath

Let me share with you one of my very favorite DIY wreaths made by Jones Design Company. I made one for a friend for Christmas and already gave it to her because we were both too excited! But for a few days I got to hang it up in my house and tonight I'm making another because it's just too pretty. 

{click here for full tutorial}

I made mine using Bible pages {don't worry it was from one of our many extra copies} anyway I mixed in some of the pages with red letters and turned out pretty cute. 

I've also seen it done where you can paint the edges of the book brown before tearing out the pages to give the pages a more vintage look. 

Hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I did- I'm attempting to make all my Christmas presents again this year {for about the 5th consecutive year} I'll be sure to post any other fun tutorials I find! {and please let me know if you find any as well!}

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

{i love}: homeschool

I am about to do a makeover on my homeschool room upstairs and I thought I'd go ahead and show everyone a before and after {when it's all done of course}.  And then I thought, hmm maybe I'll share why I love homeschool so much in the first place.

{the ups}

* kids are able to learn at their own pace 
* no need to plan vacations around school schedules {you can take it with you if it's necessary}
* it's possible to cater to your kids' learning styles {in a corporate teaching setting it's nearly impossible}
* you know if your kids are retaining the information you are teaching them {I zoned out in several subjects during my schooling experience}
* freedom: you pick the curriculum- and can put more time into what you feel is more important {and leave out what you feel isn't so much}
* kids are able to excel in certain subjects
* MUCH less waisted time {most kids graduate early if not years before their peers}
* more time in the home with their most important influences
* most of the time children receive a much better education than in public or private schools
* you can pray and talk about the Lord! {one of my favorite things, as public schools have completely cut it out}

{the downs}

* depending on area there may not be a big community of homeschooling children {which might mean less community for the kids, and maybe more struggle for you}
* you do the teaching {this can be good or bad depending on your motivation and expertise}
* less social interaction {also good or bad depending on who their friends would be- but I found this can be rectified by involving the kids in extra curricular activities and arranging play dates multiple times a week or getting involved in a co-op} 
* cost: although less than a private school it can be expensive depending on curriculum
* staying focused and on schedule can sometimes be challenging
* kids are in the home all the time {which also is good or bad depending on your situation}
* kids don't learn to take instruction from others unless put in that situation {also why extra curricular activities are great}


So that's the short of it. I've started Zuriah on some kindergarten curriculum and she's doing fantastic and loves it. We started her in ballet and are thinking of either soccer or gymnastics too {or rock climbing if it's possible at her age- she's an incredible climber!} And I always say she has more friends than I do. We are also blessed to be in a community that has a TON of homeschooling children, so lot's of support and options for us. 

Anyway I just love it, and don't think we'll ever go a different route, but we are just on the front end of it all as she's only three!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

{i love}: painted furniture

I love painted furniture. I love buying something at a garage sale or finding it on the side of the road and dreaming about how pretty it would be in white, blue, yellow, or green. I have to admit, I'm just getting on the {boldly} painted furniture bandwagon but I am here to inspire you to hop on! It's just too pretty to miss!

Anyone knows paint can make a world of difference on your walls- now try your furniture! You'll be amazed! {and for only a few bucks a quart it's worth a shot!}


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