Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tissue puff {tutorial}

Ok I admit I have absolutely no idea what to call these things...

But you know what I'm talking about- tissue puffs!

Don't they add a nice touch? 

I actually found the tutorial from good ol' Martha Stewart, but thought I would make my own for you! {Just for fun}.

These are SO simple. All you need are:

A pack of tissue paper
Twine, Raffia, or Ribbon

Count out 6-8 sheets of tissue and keep them stacked together 

{I used 6 sheets this time and it turned out quite a bit less condensed than the first time when I used 8. So it's up to you on that!}

Fold the stack together in an accordion fold

Tie the middle with your twine, ribbon, or raffia. 

Depending on how big you want the puff ball, now would be the time to cut to the length of what you would like the diameter to be. I'm just going to leave mine as is.

Cut both ends of your folded stack however you'd like- This time I cut mine in a V-shape, but last time I just curved the edges. {Like in the top photo with the white puffs}

Carefully separate out all the sheets.

And there you go!

I bet it would also be beautiful to string some Christmas lights between them! 

Quick, easy, and inexpensive handmade party decor! The best kind!

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  1. I can't believe how easy and cheap this is! Thanks so much for posting! :)



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