Saturday, November 17, 2012

DIY Bootsocks

A friend of mine introduced me to the new rain boot sock fad... have you seen this? 


I don't know if Hunter boots started it but I think it's adorable and an awesome way to cozy up some rain boots to extend them into the winter months!

I am normally an UGG boots girl in the winter but this allows for a little more wet {snowy} weather as my UGGs normally soak through.

Pulling the socks over the boots is a little different than the other adorable boot sock fad...

So I was in between riding boots and rain boots and settled on "riding rain boots." The Hunter boots were a bit too steep for my budget so I went with a pair of Kamiks... 

They come in different colors but I figured brown would suit me best. {I'm all about versatility as I'm not generally a 'shoe girl' so I'll pretty much have these forever}.

I wanted to have the look of the Hunters with the boot socks but the Hunter boot socks {which you can purchase separately} range from $35-$50! Here's my $4 solution. {with a little help from the Goodwill} 

Granted they're faux... I didn't sew on a fleece sock on the bottom, but I figured to keep it simple this works- and I can just wear big socks. 

And with the left over sweater body I made a throw pillow cover! {hmm too not unlike the $50 covers I've seen in stores}

Grab an old sweater or two. BIG ARMS work best! I looked in the XXL or Men's sections.

Cut off the arms 

Fold over...

And stitch.

OR for an even simpler approach- a NO SEW version!

Cut off arms...


Fold again

Stretch... {You want the socks to fit inside the boots well and not be too small}

And there you are! 


I've worn these out for extended periods of time and have had no problems with them unfolding. Love the look, and especially the price! A great way to get some variation with your boots and to warm them up for winter!

Monday, October 29, 2012

my DIY cribs

For the boys' nursery I wanted a woodland theme. So I painted birch trees on the wall and went with a neutral paint color {Potter's Clay by Martha Stewart}. Of course my dream cribs {Brookfield from Pottery Barn Kids} were a little out of the question {$600 ea} so instead Ben and I made up our own plans {quite inspired to build by Ana White} and built our own from solid pine for around $100 ea. We made the ends taller like the ones from RH Baby and Child {about $1200 ea}. 

We've built tons from Ana White but due to regulations and liability she doesn't have any crib plans on her website. {Very understandable}. 

We knew we would need to follow all the safety regulations and it wasn't too hard to do all that- they're easy to find. The cribs are incredibly solid, and V E R Y safe! I'd say if you're thinking on making your  own it's very do-able. Just follow the updated safety guidelines.

A handy husband and more than willing grandpa to build and stain my dream cribs! A much more economical solution to my expensive taste problem! 

When Ben was done building them I casually said, "ok now we just need to stain them! Easy!"

Well Ben wasn't as enthusiastic as I was about staining, and being in my pregnant state I wasn't able to do a thing. They sat for awhile unstained until the kids' Grandpa Jim {Ben's step-dad} came over and insisted on staining them for us- for the boys. It would be his present for them.

Little did we know what we were letting Jim get into. It's an understatement to say he is a perfectionist- He stained and sanded and stained and sanded for well over a *month* working hours a day on them. 

They. Are. Perfect.

And are my most favorite thing I own. I will have them forever! And they will be passed down to the grandkids one day! Handmade furniture is the best! So personal, so beautiful, and will last for generations.

On the boys' 8th month birthday {08.07.12} something tragic happened. Their Grandpa Jim died in a helicopter crash. He loved our boys so much- never having kids of his own he felt so accepted as a grandfather to our kids. The boys' middle names were named after Ben and their three grandfathers- my dad, Ben's dad, and Ben's step-dad Jim- {Jonas Benjamin David and Elias Stephen JAMES}. 


At that point all of Jim's hard work on the cribs just became so much more. Before they were my favorite, now they are incredibly special and priceless to my heart. I can't say enough about how much we all loved Jim- the last time I spoke with him was on our moving day to Chicago only three days before he crashed. He said, "I didn't realize until now how much I'm really going to miss you guys. I just love your family so much."

We were so blessed by him and miss him terribly. The boys won't remember him, but we have so many stories to pass on to them of how much Grandpa loved them and spent time with them. Looking forward to the day when we see him again in Heaven.

{Our favorite photo of Jim when he was young from the Vietnam War... what he looks like in Heaven now!}

Saturday, October 27, 2012

back to blogging!

So it's been a longer break than anticipated... much. longer. but I'm ready to get back in the swing of blogging again! This time with two extra babies in tow {that I may or may not be nursing at the time of my writing}. 

These little stinkers decided to wait until they were good and ready to come out- 39 weeks! Jonas was 7 pounds 11 ounces, and Elias was 6 pounds 10 ounces, and I was... well I prefer not to say. Being preggo with two little ones is a little different- I felt {and looked} nine months pregnant much sooner than I was. In fact I got the "oh that baby's due any day" line starting at around six months! That's ok. Every bit was worth it. I just love these little guys! Oh I didn't mention- these little boys were born breech! {No C-Section! Yes by the end I wanted to die, but happy I persevered}.

If you can't notice from the picture, they are very different- Jonas is quite a bit chubbier and Elias has lighter hair. Fraternal {not identical} twins. They have been a lot of fun- and not as hard as I thought they'd be. 

I totally recommend twins! :)


The boys are now T E N  M O N T H S old! Amazing! Here are some catch up photos!

All our sweet little ones- Zuriah, Elias, Jonas, and Anah

Elias or we like to call him Eli, winky, Li-Li, and a host of other silly names! Elias was born with a Vertical Strabismus and mild Ptosis in his left eye that will require surgery at some point, but not just yet. For now I've fallen in love with it, and as I was told from my sweet friend- "Don't fix it! It'll make his wife fall in love with him!" 

My happy Jonas {Jo Jo} Always a smile. Very much a mama's boy!

We're so amazingly blessed! 

I've been itching to get back to blogging, I apologize for taking S O very long! I have lots to share! Excited to be back! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

blog break

I'm so sorry for the crazy long time span between my posts lately. The truth is I've been unmotivated and uninspired lately- being 9 months pregnant with twins I think is the culprit. 

We're expecting these little boys to come in the next few days or week, so I thought I would officially announce a blog break. My days are about to become consumed with babies- and I'm SO excited- but also a little unclear of what my life will actually look like!

Thank you for being a faithful reader and follower of my blog. Photos of the boys will come but then I will be on an extended break. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Friday, October 28, 2011

thinking presents

Late November and December {and I suppose the rest of my life} are going to be  B U S Y  with these two boys scheduled to come in that time- so I've been thinking of Christmas earlier than usual this year. 

Here are some ideas I have for my girls.

My oldest got a Kit doll for her birthday this summer so I would love to build her this:


And I am going to actually be attempting it {with some serious objections of my husband}. It can't be that bad right? I mean it's a doll bed. 

I also want to attempt this:


A sweet crib for my youngest, but really for both of them... hmm depending on how easy it is maybe I'll make two? I also want to make them each a baby carrier and 'nursing cover' for their babies since that will be mommy's life- I'm sure pretend play will follow!

That might be it for my DIY presents this year, I only have about 3 solid weeks left of good craft time! I'll let you know how the projects turn out! Any DIY Christmas ideas to share?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

keeping busy

With about 3 weeks to go until I'm 36 weeks {aka potential babies time}, we've been staying busy!

Bunk beds are nearly complete...

{filling holes, sanding, and painting left to go}

I'm pretty proud of my husband for taking this wood pile and transforming it!

The girls love it.

I thought it was a necessary project to get completed so my youngest wouldn't be in a crib when the boys arrive.

Unfortunately a few hiccups almost discouraged us from the 'build our own cribs' project. I'm hoping we're still on board for that- but ultimately it's up to my 'carpenter'. 

By the way, we used these plans in case you're interested. 


We've finally established names for these boys {minus the middle names that we're still arguing about discussing} 
both are versions of the Biblical names Jonah and Elijah.

To celebrate our choosing names I covered some letters for them...

{I bought chipboard letters from JoAnn's and covered them in burlap- perfect for my rustic woodland themed nursery}

Only a few months ago I had nothing for the boys, but now I feel we're almost ready! With the exception of the perfect diaper bag {suggestions welcome}, I'm almost fully prepared... well as prepared as I can be for the arrival of twin boys!

Now I'm just organizing like crazy before these boys decide to make their entrance! 

By the way these are the trees I painted in their nursery:

and look how adorable these blankets are that Nana made for them! {We've decided J will be blue and E will be green- for the most part!}

I found these bumper pads at the thrift store for $2 each that I'll recover in linen for their cribs:

My next project!


On a bit of an unrelated note... our Christmas tree will coming out on November 1st. Purely for practical reasons of course- as I won't be able to set it up later- and has nothing to do with my obsession over Christmas, I assure you. ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

innovative spaces

Here are some of my favorite ideas for transforming an everyday space into something spectacular.


1: unknown 2: via 3: via

I love the idea of transforming a closet into a quiet sweet nook! Prayer closet anyone? Or right in your entry would be adorable. Removing the door gives it a more 'built-in' look.

Under the Stairs

1: via 2: unknown 3: unknown 4: unknown

We don't have a staircase like this, but boy if we did... one of these solutions would be ours! Day bed, bookshelves/wine case, mudroom, or storage drawers. Way fun and super innovative!

Breakfast Nook

1: via 2: via 3: via 4: via

L O V E  breakfast nooks! They're so cozy and a perfect place to spend mornings. 


1: via 2: via 3: unknown

An unused attic is perfect for converting into a spare room, kids bedroom, craft room, or office. It's out of the way, and can have so much character!

So very inspiring! 


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