Saturday, June 4, 2011

baby shower beauty

Baby showers are my favorite. I love planning them. I have the honor of planning two in the next few months and I'm very excited! I've been looking for some inspiration and thought I would share some of what I found with you! 

I'm not the best making at treats but these look too amazing and I might just have to give them a try!

I love the idea of a garden party- you will see many of them in the following photos... oh and yellow is quickly becoming one of my very favorite colors.

Almost anything looks pretty in cake stands and glass vases, but this food is gorgeous as well. A great combination!

I love how they brought out a dresser for the cake to sit on. Cute cute.

1- Find a lemon tree orchard. 2- host a party because it's just too cute.

I love the idea of doilies- elegant and charming.

Simply beautiful.

Also beautiful.

Looks easy to do {those puff balls are very cheap and easy to make} and looks beautiful!

Do you see the bubbles? I think they used glass ornaments- so sweet!

I love the look of a handmade chandelier- this one is beautiful.

I would love to do a garden party for one of the showers and I was even thinking yellow and gray- as you know some of my favorite colors!

Any ideas that you have come across and love? I'd love to hear them! 


  1. yellow is my favorite color too! its just such a happy color!!!

  2. You say those hanging puffs are easy to make? I'd love to know how! :)



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