Friday, January 7, 2011

things we build

I've been married to Ben for 5 years. In 5 years of marriage we have never had a headboard for our bed- until just a few months ago when I decided to go to Lowes and buy lumber to build one myself. It worked out perfectly because as I walked through our door my non-carpenter husband said, "you're not building it, I am." {Of course I'm much more of a non-carpenter than he is}.

We've only ever helped our parents build things for us {like our downstairs bathroom and back deck, but never furniture, and never by ourselves}.

So this was an adventure. Let me start out by saying I've never known someone to be more of a perfectionist than Ben. Which is why the headboard is perfect, but I'm fully confident you can do this project, it took him {remember a non-carpenter- who as a perfectionist works slower than most} about an hour to build!

I got this plan off {one of my favorite blogs}. It's the same as this $800 Pottery Barn headboard. We modified the plans a little bit {instead of adding in 1x6 boards we stuck with the 1x4's the whole way for price sake- adding them in would have been about an extra $20}

This cost us around $70 to build.

At first I wanted to just paint it, but Ben liked the grain of the wood too much, and I had to agree with him. So for the finish I liked the idea of a weathered look, so I first stained it white {I believe the guy at Lowes called it "pickling"}

Next I painted a dark gray paint over it {only a little at a time} then wiped it off with a rag. {If you're going to do this technique remember to stay with the grain}.

It only took me about an hour to stain and do the weathered finish.

We waited a night to bring it upstairs so it would have ample time to dry.

And there you go- for $70 and two hours, a handmade solid {$800 look} headboard!


  1. we don't have a head board either, in 6 years of marriage, gonna have to make me one of these, and ken just loves projects like this!!!
    love the weathered look too!!!

  2. Love! The headboard turned out so great!

  3. It looks great!

    Good job!



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