Friday, January 21, 2011

adding {character} to your house

I'm in the planning and dreaming mode of re-design.

Can I tell you how much I love a house with character? LOVE old houses that have beautiful moulding, crystal door knobs, built-ins, old fixtures. Unfortunately our house was built in 1967 during a time when houses were built pretty much cookie cutter without much character. I've always wanted to live in an old house, maybe someday... but in the meantime I can add some character myself.

Like a crystal chandelier for the dining room...

photo from Coastal Living

And some paneling...

photo from McCabe Lumber

I have to say I'm REALLY excited about adding paneling. And I refuse to spend a fortune, so I'll share with you how I do it when it comes time. Until then,

Here are some of my favorite ways to 
add character to a house:
  1. Add crown moulding 
  2. Replace flat doors with paneled doors
  3. Add vintage or interesting hardware to cabinets and doors
  4. Exchange outdated {un-pretty} fixtures with vintage or stunning new ones {I like the new ones that look old}
  5. Add wall sconces 
  6. Buy ornate outlet covers, switch plates, and vent covers to replace the white {or worse- beige} ones.
  7. Add paneling to walls {no not that 70's retro pretend wood that covered whole walls- although I've seen that painted and it can look really good... painted} 
  8. Build a fireplace {even if it's faux} 
  9. Add built-ins {shelves, cabinets, desks, even murphy beds}
  10. Update your front door with a pretty leaded glass door
  11. Instal french doors {I love them in offices and dining rooms... pretty much anywhere} 
  12. Refinish or put in wood floors 
  13. Use antiques {an old desk for a bathroom vanity? Vintage curtain rods?} 
  14. Dare I say... wallpaper? I know... I'm even scared of it, but have you seen new hotels that use it to texture a wall? It looks incredible! Or really fun big vintage patterns... but paint can also add nice texturing. {I think wallpaper is coming back- mark my words}
  15. Expose {or add "exposed"} beams to the ceiling 
  16. IF you need to replace windows... go for the really pretty, original designs {by no means replace them to just to replace them- if you're going to do that call me, I'll find a use for your old ones}
  17. Spiral staircase anyone? My parents somehow managed to add two to their house- but they are fun and very pretty. {There's no way one would fit in our house but I wish}
  18. How about outside... a cobblestone pathway or patio
Hope this inspires you! 

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  1. I love this too! I really want to do this too, I think when we make a dining room id do it too. OOH now i'm excited! thank you for the inspiration!



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