Friday, January 14, 2011

recipe book {tutorial}

A DIY Recipe book! {Or journal - just change the iron-on design} A perfect handmade gift for a cook or writer! {Or perfect just to keep for yourself!}

All in all I spent only a few dollars making this mostly using materials I already had.

It's simple to make, here's what you need:


glue gun 
scrap booking paper {amount is your choice}
fabric scraps
chip board
rafia, ribbon, or rings for binding
hammer and nail
hole punch
2 sided iron on interface


As far as scrapbook paper I chose these solid colors {they were on clearance at Michaels} and used one sheet of coordinating paper for the inside cover. 

I cut all the paper in half {my sheets were 8x8 inches to begin with} You can cut according to how big you want your book.

Next I traced onto my chipboard but added 1/4 inch to all but the binding side. 

I cut mine 4x8 with a 1/4" border.
I used an exacto knife to cut the chipboard.

Use the cut chipboard as a pattern to cut your fabric- cut about an inch or so extra on all sides.

Before you glue your fabric to the chipboard do your iron ons or embroidery. {I thought about embroidering "recipes" on the front but couldn't find my embroidery needle. Bummer.}

Iron on the fabric to the non paper side first. 

Once adhered {check to make sure} trace and cut your design. I used a real fork and spoon for a stencil for the design, and free handed the details.

Cut your pattern.

Remove the paper backing and iron on to your fabric.

Now you can use your glue gun to attach the fabric to the chipboard. I folded in the corners like I would a package.

Next glue on the paper for the inside cover on each side.

Now that the covers are done decide where you want the binding to be. Use the hammer and nail {or in this case a mini screwdriver- nails were scarce} to create holes in your chipboard.

Mark where you want the holes to be on the inside paper using the holes you made on the cover for a guide. 

Hole punch all the paper. 

Now you can bind it! I used rafia {which admittedly was a bit of a headache to thread and isn't as strong as I'd like} but you can use ribbon or rings as well. I recommend threading with a needle! {A time saver for sure}

There you have it. A pretty little cookbook or journal, a gift anyone would love!

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