Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{re}design time!

It's the new year and with it comes new projects! Ben promised me about a month ago when I was putting up our Christmas decor {and saying how I'd love to re-do all our main floor rooms} that I could "next year". Which I'm 90% sure means now. 

In our living room we have two floor to ceiling windows {which I LOVE} but they are a little deceiving. When we moved in I thought our living room would always have tons of light. Sadly I was wrong. And sadly I painted the walls brown which now sort of depress me during the days. 

On the other hand my dining room is full of light and the walls are yellow... just a little too yellow. I have never loved the color {I meant it to be a bit lighter} but it is cheery.

And my kitchen... well it's a burnt red right now and with all the white cabinets it's decent on cheer. I'm in between on re-doing that room.

So it could be that it's January, but I need some change and I need some brighter rooms.

So here goes my color choices...

I LOVE this color for my living room walls. {unknown photo source}

but I also love the touch of green. {photo from Apartment Therapy}

currently we have a patch of drywall above our sliding glass door that I really like the color of actually. I love the light gray and white. Clean and simple. {photo from Apartment Therapy}

Also I'm in love with this color right now- I call it "artist's clay". I might try it for the dining room but I don't want to make the mistake of going too dark again. {photo from}

Also did you notice that giant hutch in our dining room? It's definitely too big for the room {it used to be where our sliding door is now but it's been moved and no longer fits} I need a spot for my china away from little hands, so I'm thinking of options- here are the two I have so far:

shelves- these are beautiful aren't they? {photo from}

or build a stunning corner cabinet {photo from Country Living}

but I'd of course use the help of

Anyway, I'm excited to have been take some vacation time and have a 'staycation' with him for a few days just doing house projects. Yay for redesign! 


  1. I'm feeling it too! I'm looking around my house and realize that I need to make it the way that I want it to be for the next several years and not just hang on to the way it is now! I love these colors and can't wait to see how your home turns out!

  2. Thanks Danielle!! I'm really excited- we're gonna pawn off the girls for the few days- perfect! :)

  3. Great color choices!!! It is so exciting to get a new paint job! Oh and if you are thinking about getting rid of your hutch, I know someone who has been looking for one...


  4. Thanks Abbie! Let me know who- when I figure out what I'm doing I'll give it to them! I actually really love it, it's just too big for the room.



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