Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a little chair

Zuriah got a very special rocking chair for Christmas last year. 

Anah loves it- but so does Zuriah.

This year Grandpa came to the rescue by getting Anah her very own special rocking chair {but it was just begging for a little decoupage}

Doesn't it look like something should go on the circle? I thought adding her name would be best {that way we won't have arguments over whose chair is whose...}

I got this little calligraphy pen and ink at Hobby Lobby- about $12 for the pen, tips, and ink- I've used it again and again, I love having it!

I don't have a protractor... this works.

I first added a little layer of Mod Podge on the wood circle then layed the cut paper over it and added another 4 layers of Mod Podge on top {drying in between each layer}

The bubbles went away after it was completely dry.

All done and all cute! 

It's even stood the peeling challenge from Anah- it's not coming off- perfect for a baby chair.


  1. Oh my!! Oh my!! I LOVE love love this chair!!

  2. My teen daughter is named AHna. I love your spelling. It's beautiful, just like the name. The chair is cute, too :)



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