Tuesday, January 25, 2011

knobs and hardware

I've grown up with some attention to detail- especially in door and cabinet hardware- thanks to my parents' little business where they sell these things. Watching a movie Dad would say, "that's a Baldwin knob", and Mom would say, "yep they put it on backwards." 

Not uncommon. 

So I think door and cabinet hardware is really fun and can add tons of character to a space.

One day while shopping in one of my very favorite stores {Anthropologie} I came across some really beautiful hardware I can't get out of my head {and that I really think Mom and Dad need to start carrying} 

Beautiful huh? They are pretty pricey over at Anthropologie, but I've seen some beautiful hardware also sold at antique stores, World Market, and Hobby Lobby {which are often on sale!} 

My cabinets are hardware-less right now. A perfect time for dreaming!


  1. These are so sweet... i wonder if anyone hand makes them around here?! or anywhere for that matter? Etsy?

  2. I don't know... I thought about that too, only I thought "wonder if I could make those??" No clue where to start but I'd love to! :)



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