Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the {little} store

I think I'm going to build Zuriah a store. She loves playing 'store'. 

And I love playing it with her {it's as close to working as I can get these days} but really I love the learning aspect of it. We play with pretend money and I am teaching her about the values of everything, and she's learning math by counting it all. 

She just loves it, and what a great way to learn.

I might do something like this: 

{from Pottery Barn Kids}

by the way this is just a wood frame with fabric- I asked them if you can buy the fabric part separate and you can, otherwise it wouldn't be too hard to sew, and I would use iron on appliques.

{this one is a DIY project from Chic Mother and Baby}

this one is a little intense, I would have no where to put it, but maybe something similar on a smaller scale. And I would have to add a check out of course!

{this one is Land of Nod}

I love the chalkboard, too cute. 

What I really love about the idea of a store is she might even be able to sell some of her little handmade stuff she will surely make when she's a little older. When I was younger I have fond memories of making all kinds of things with my friends and then selling them at our lemonade stand. Too fun. It is such a good way for a little mind to learn the basics of business!

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