Thursday, January 6, 2011

exodus {for a three year old}

For Christmas I bought the girls a dvd of Moses- actually "The Ten Commandments" kids version {I love "Prince of Egypt" but I wish it finished the story} this one wasn't as great quality wise, but it had the whole story, which is GREAT.

So when the movie was finished I decided to start a Bible study with Zuriah. We are reading through Exodus! Of course I'm reading a little bit ahead and putting it into the best language that she can understand. I'm not a huge fan of Bible "stories" for children {with the exception of the Jesus Storybook Bible which is incredible} but when I can read the Bible and summarize it for her myself I think it's much better {and offers a better application for her life} AND I get the Word too!


So here's how I'm doing it:

Every day {or every other day} I read 1-2 chapters then summarize it for her in her language 
for example: "the Pharaoh wanted to hurt all the babies, so Moses' mommy put Moses in a basket so he would be safe"

I talk to her about what we read and see what she can recall

I add a practical application, for example: "if someone wants to hurt someone you love do you protect them? Does God protect you? Does mommy and daddy protect you? God is our banner- He protects us, it's one of His names."

I make up a craft for her to make to go along with the passages we read

I talk to her about the craft and again see what she can recall


For our first craft we made a basket for baby Moses out of popsicle sticks and made a baby out of pipe cleaner with a puff ball for his head. {Baby boy Moses is completely pink in case you wanted to know}

I hope I can encourage you to do a Bible study with your kiddos too- {of course it doesn't have to be Exodus} even Anah at 18 months loves to sit while I read. No matter the age it's great family time and so good for them to learn what God's Word says.


  1. Surprised to hear that baby Moses wasn't purple..

  2. Oh he would have been, we didn't have purple pipe cleaner or puff balls :)



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