Friday, March 11, 2011

my stenciled floor

Ah, it's been a long time coming, but here it is! My most anticipated project is finally complete. What do you think?

{Oops, sorry for the not great before picture, I remembered to take one after the linoleum was already being taken out}

Still need to add those light covers...

It only took forever! {Really it wasn't so bad, just longer than anticipated}
Tomorrow I'll show you how I did it! 


  1. it really looks wonderful. it makes your kitchen look so much more open

  2. Thanks! Yeah I do love it!! It's exactly what I wanted! I was going to use a bigger stencil but I like the little pattern a lot.

  3. what is the floor, painted hardwood? painted subflooring? Let me know, I love it!

  4. I absolutely love it! How do you keep from shoes scuffing the paint?

  5. well it's floor paint, so it's meant to be walked on- but we're also going to put a sealer on it just in case. I'll post what the paint is called tomorrow- couldn't tell you at the moment :)

  6. this is incredible! I love it! I want you to teach me. and well since I live near you, I don't have to just read the instructions... hee-hee.
    love you

  7. Looks beautiful!!! Love it! And I agree it makes your kitchen look bigger!



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