Monday, March 7, 2011

construction zone

As stated before I didn't anticipate our stay-cation projects to carry over into our day to day. And as it is, we are living in a bit of a construction zone. Paint cans, brushes, and trays everywhere, a very sticky front entry floor {long story, I'll explain later}, nails and screws, uncovered light switches and outlets, drywall dust {need I say more?}. Oh my. 

I'll spare you the photos.

But somehow I'm not frazzled. Maybe because I see the end of it, or maybe because it gives me an excuse to get the girls out of the house. {Maybe because of grace!} Anyway, I'm choosing to be thankful and looking forward to the end of our projects.

Oh and although I loved having some time with just Ben and I in the house, I missed the girls so much! It's lovely to have them back home. 

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