Sunday, March 6, 2011

and we're back! {wait, we never left}

Stay-cation is done! And projects are on-going {of course, right?} But we have a very nice plan to get them all finished- all the way- this week. {Pray for us}.

Let me just say it wasn't as relaxing as I had planned, but then again how could it be when I had so many manual labor projects planned? It's ok though, we had fun, and got work done and that's all that matters! I'm SO excited for how things are looking, I feel like we're getting a new house, I just LOVE it. 

So with all that said, I wish I could give you more photos, but I promise they are coming. 

Look at the amazing roman shades I just picked up from World Market {although I wish I could say I made them}. But hey they were only $20 each- and see I can't make them for that. I figured if I was doing a complete living room makeover I'd need to do the windows too, and after all we needed some pattern.

I'm going to add in some gray curtains too- and those I might just make. 

Oh and I got a new lamp... happy.

How do you like the color on the walls? It's Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware. I was having some problems finding my perfect blue-green-gray color and just gave up and went with something that I couldn't go wrong with. And I'm so happy I did {by the way, it was only $9 more per can than at Lowes- worth it...}. It's so bright and pretty and perfect. 

1 comment:

  1. Omg. I need the fabric and my bedroom is painted that exact color. Love it and love the way the color changes with the light.



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