Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a little bit of randomness

Week 3? Really?

{I guess our little project time has run over just like every other time}.

But good news! We're still going! And that's saying something. I'm one of those people who gets REALLY excited about starting something and then... a lot of the time... doesn't finish. 

We're currently working on our dining room- specifically the moulding. And it's looking beautiful, I'm so excited to show you, but I'll wait until it's all the way pretty!

We're deciding on a color in the dining room- did you have any idea primer plays a HUGE role in what color your wall will be? Wow. I painted on some gray over the yellow thinking I wouldn't need to prime- look at the difference. I was about a minute from returning the color until I tried the primer first. I guess I'm a fan of priming now!

In other news, I did get curtains. First gray. Then white. I'm a fan of the white. The gray was too dark. And I did buy them {not make them}- again too cheap to make- thank you Target.

I'm LOVING the Silver Sage on the walls. {Well worth the extra few dollars for official RH paint}

Oh and I am also happy to announce I threw away all my beige light and outlet covers. We're going through and making everything white! {Did you know it's only about a dollar to swap out a switch or outlet? And then just a few cents more to get a new cover. So worth it in my opinion!}

Goodbye beige!

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