Monday, March 28, 2011

celebrating baby

We had such a great time celebrating my amazing friend Stephanie and her little girl {coming soon}, Eliyah. {pronounced elee-uh}

She chose the name based on the name Elijah and made it feminine. I love it!

Leah and I cut out the pennants for the banner from a scrapbook paper book {devoted to cute pinks and greens} then strung them with twine.

The tulips in the white vase were the gift for the game we played... it was very hard for me to part with that cute little vase but made a great gift! {and decoration of course!}

I created and printed the cupcake circles and glued them to little wooden sticks.

Leah and I sat down one night and made this little diaper cake.

I covered the chipboard "E" with pretty scrapbook paper. {my initial plan was to do all the letters this way but... it sort of took longer than anticipated}

I ended up spray painting the chipboard letters then hot glued them to twine.

These were  a d o r a b l e , e a s y , & c h e a p! 

I spent a grand total of $1 on all 4 {not including the twine} and less than an hour.

{I used this tutorial from Martha Stewart if you're interested} 

Bought a pack of baby spoons at Wal-Mart and hammered in some E's to create a vintage look. {of course antique baby spoons would have been perfect but were harder to come by}

Gifts for guests. {cards tied with raffia}

Plain white onesie with an E iron on {with Amy Butler fabric in case you're wondering} hung on the front door.

A great party celebrating a wonderful friend and sweet baby girl! 

1 comment:

  1. You guys did such a great job; I was so blessed!

    Every single decoration you made is now decorating her crib area in our room.



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