Thursday, December 9, 2010

the wonders of die-cutting

A few weeks ago I made an impulse investment purchase on a die-cut* machine. I was at Archiver's and just happened to buy the Big Shot on super sale {that is I was given a coupon}. I must say after buying it I don't regret it AT ALL. I'm SO excited about all the possibilities with this thing!

First of all, the Big Shot is not the Cricut or Silhouette machine. It's not computerized in any way {which I'm kind of glad for, I'd rather it just be manual, I feel like less could break that way and it's less complicated, oh and it's less expensive!}. And it's really versatile. I can use practically any brand of letterpress, die-cutting, or embossing products with it. 

*If you're like me a few weeks ago, you have no clue what "die-cutting" means. It's simply a machine that will cut all kinds of intricate shapes and patterns for all sorts of materials: paper, cardstock, fabric, chipboard etc.

Look at all the fun stuff I can make!

pretty envelopes!

notice the embossing as well 


How fun! Here's where you have to be careful though, the machine it self is about $60 or $70 with a coupon from Archiver's, but to use it you'll need to buy embossing folders, die-cuts, letterpress supplies... you could really go crazy. I'm starting to in fact. I'm glad Christmas is right around the corner, I'm hoping to get lots of this extra stuff so I can begin making pretty cards and invitations! I've also seen all that stuff on Craigslist too, you can keep an eye out if you want to get in to it.

Anyway, you can see I'm excited, I hope you're inspired! 

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