Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{handmade} christmas inspiration

It's present making time!

Here are some of my very favorite handmade Christmas presents. I hope to inspire you to have a handmade Christmas too!

Oh, and here's something fun, if you don't have time to make gifts, or just aren't the crafty type, you can still buy handmade gifts off Etsy {most of the images listed below are for sale at Etsy! Just click to see.}


{Crochet or Knit}

One Christmas I had a friend teach me how to crochet. It took about a half an hour to learn, and maybe an hour or so to perfect, then I was on to making scarves, mittens, and leg warmers. As long as you know the simple starting stitch you're good for making all those things. All I did was crochet the ends together when I was finished.

If you're already talented in crocheting or knitting just think of the possibilities! Boots, hats, slippers, even sweaters if you're ambitious!

{oops, that was a lot of babies... I suppose I'm just a sucker for them! Anyway, you get the idea.}


I just love a website devoted to inspiring you to make your own furniture! Tons and tons of beautiful plans for everything you can think of. Here we thought we'd never be handy- that is until we found this website, now we're making everything and it's much simpler and quicker than you'd think! Here are some of my favorite {gift} plans from her website:

{okay, maybe this one wouldn't wrap well, but who wouldn't LOVE this for Christmas?! You could always wrap a picture!}


Have a glue stick? Or a staple gun? Maybe some pliers for jewelry? Mod Podge? Here are some lovely {simply made} gifts:


Two Christmases ago I got a sewing machine so I taught myself to sew, another thing that's not that complicated to learn! {And I would fully recommend learning, it's quite useful}. If you don't have a machine and have always thought you'd like to learn... ask for one for Christmas- one of the best presents I've ever gotten!

Here are a few ideas: aprons, oven mitts, kitchen towels, bags, stockings, scarves, slippers, throw pillows, throw blankets, baby doll clothes, oh the possibilities are endless!

Oh and speaking of cute fabrics, let me share with you my FAVORITE little in-town boutique craft store that has the most amazing designer fabrics


I hope you're inspired! Is there anything you are just dying to know how to make? Let me know I'll see if I can do a tutorial for it.

Stay tuned, I'll soon be posting a tutorial on how to sew a bag like this one:

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  1. You've got to check out Sarah's in Lawrence. It is mostly fabrics, so it doesn't have the same edge as Urban Arts and Crafts, but it has an AMAZING selection. You'll love it!



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