Monday, December 13, 2010

craft room: go!

We're about to add a bedroom downstairs that will be a guest bedroom/office. Really it will be MY office which means it will be crafting paradise! I'm beyond excited as you can imagine. {Especially since right now my 'craft room' is my dining room and my storage space is behind the chair in the living room and in other random spots around the house- blah!}

So as I embark on designing a craft room from scratch I thought I'd share with you some of my inspiration so far. {Keep in mind I'm working with limited space, our room is 7 1/2' x 10 1/2'}

I LOVE this desk! Look how big the top is! Perfect for cutting fabric or doing big projects.
PS... I would totally make mine from this plan off

Look at this storage amazingness from Smashed Peas and Carrots
MINI FABRIC BOLTS! Can you say genius!? 

Limited space? No worries! 
And you can hide it all when you're done! 

although would require much more space... lovely.

Yes please. I love the LABEL pulls. Aren't labels wonderful??

I want that kind of paper storage- for that pesky 12"x12" scrapbooking paper that fits no where!

Can't say enough about this perfect space from inspiration headquarters, Pottery Barn

I love the shabby look of tis room- and the separate table for cutting or projects.

And of course what craft room isn't complete without a vast array of thread - organized perfectly. And don't forget the ribbon! {Putting ribbon on a spindle like this is the only way to store it... I've found}


The most important things to remember when designing YOUR craft room are:

*LOVE your space*
Pick colors and furniture you love and makes you happy- you will want to be in a room that makes you happy!

You won't want to return to a space that is cluttered and crazy, so organize on the front end so you don't ever get to that point: that means no 'etc. drawers'. Have a jar for buttons, pegs for thread, shelves for paper, mini drawers for zippers, and magnets. You get the idea. Everything has a place and everything having a place is bliss!

For ours so far I'm leaning toward that first table/cubby system because it's compact and useful. I think I'll do shelves on the wall with lots of jars! I also want a day bed like this one so our room can double as a guest room {always useful} plus, those extra storage compartments could come in handy:

{this Pottery Barn plan is also found on ana-white} 


I love redesigning rooms! Hope you're inspired to make your own craft room too!

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