Thursday, December 16, 2010

a present and christmas cards

I've mentioned before that I just adore my mom's group. We just had a wonderful Christmas party {turkey dinner included} and handmade gift exchange. So here's what I made:

A handmade recipe book 

And some sheet music garland. Happily it went to my friend who had been looking for a recipe book just like this. I love it when that happens. I received beautiful handmade cards. I love handmade cards! {Well I just love handmade anything!}


In other news all my Christmas cards are complete! I designed two cards I'll share with you:

but failed to get them printed in time... sad. Had to rely on Walgreens this year:

Still pretty {and two minutes to make and an hour to print} just not my design.

but addressed and ready.

Christmas is coming!


  1. Zuriah is such a ham. You should market your silhouettes on wedding websites...

  2. thanks Moni, that's a good idea I'll look into it :)



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