Thursday, December 2, 2010

our family {by zuriah}

Well... I just got back from my fabulous moms group in which we planned our Christmas party and chatted for hours. Lovely. Love those girls. So as I fully intended to get to the bag tutorial, I had girl time instead, so tomorrow ok? 

In the mean time, here's something cute Zuriah threw together for you. {Ben was making up a profile of our family and showing her pictures and what he wrote about everybody. The following are her descriptions.} 

Our family according to Zuriah...


This is macey she's very blind. 

This is daddy he knows everything about us. 

This is Zuriah she's 3. She's very fun to know. 

This is mommy she knows everything about Jesus. 

This is Anah she's messy.


I just love how children's minds work!



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