Friday, December 10, 2010

christmas centerpiece tutorial {a few dollars & 10 min}

What you need:

Pinecones {I found mine at a park!}
Candles {I already had these}
Glitter stem from Hobby Lobby floral section {at half price it's $1 something}
Wire cutters
Spray paint {$.97 from Wal-Mart} 
Silver glitter {optional}


First I spray painted the pinecones- it took NO time at all, it took less than a minute to spray and a few minutes to dry. If you want to add glitter to the pinecones, do it while the paint is still wet.

Then I cut off the little leaves from the glitter stem using wire cutters

Set the candles in the middle of the tray {I had this tray, but you can use anything, even a plate}

The filled it with pinecones then the leaves


And so pretty!


  1. Wow, I really like this idea. so simple, yet so pretty! I wasn't sure about one thing though, did you spray paint the pine cones white? Was this to give them a frosty look. It also looked like you didn't paint them all.

  2. Thanks! Yeah sorry I accidentally deleted the pic of me spray painting but they all are white, or nearly white. I just like the look, they look frosty :) I just took them out to the deck, put an old towel down and sprayed- took no time at all :)



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