Friday, December 3, 2010

silhouetting & a giveaway!

As I was working on the bag tutorial I promised, I took a break and did some silhouettes of our family. I got too into it and, well, the bag tutorial is coming tomorrow or Monday.

Look how fun...

Ben... A century ago! 
{he loves this one because he's always dreamed of having a beard but I never let him}

And his wife... a century ago.

She insisted hers was to be pink.

Not officially part of our family... but near enough! {This is actually her Christmas present, I wasn't going to post it but I liked it too much} - Our renter, Hillary

Our little 'round head' as Ben likes to call her! {And you can see why...}


So does anyone want one? These were too fun and I'd love to do them for you! 


I'm doing a  G I V E A W A Y !


Leave a comment on this post by Tuesday, December 7th and I will pick at random someone to receive their family's silhouettes {up to 5}

I'll also be selling them for $5 each. This includes a pdf and jpg file with your choice of background and color. $3 extra for 1800's style {like 'Ben a century ago'} and I'll include the original silhouette as well.

Choose from any of these backgrounds or you are also welcome to print on your own pretty paper, in which case all you would need is the silhouette, {not the background}

vintage letter . colored post cards . black and white post cards

vintage sheet music .  solid with rounded corners .  scalloped circle

swirls with name plate {you can add a name plate to any}


Just submit a side photo of yourself or someone {close up is best} against a white background.

Perfect for gifts! Check out this post for ideas.


  1. Ok so I had written a comment and apparently it didn't post, so here I go again.

    Love it! Love the ideas, love your ability to do beautiful things.

    We miss you and I hope we can skype soon!
    Love you, Aneliz

  2. i so so love these. its inspiring me!!

  3. You're crazy talented! I love it!

  4. Love this! I thought about trying to do something like this for our wedding invites but thought it would be to hard - you obviously could have done it! Daniel and I definitely want 2 :).... Can you do Kevin as well? I was sad to see that Macey didn't get a silhouette.

  5. Of course I can do Kevin... and Macey's is coming! :)

  6. a write in for Abby: "I want to WIN!!!"

  7. Oh how adorable! Such a cute idea! :)

  8. I love Anah's little round head, I wonder what Kalei's little head would look like as a silhouette. Cute, I bet, sign me up for the drawing!

  9. Very neat! what a fun way to decorate my walls in the empty room upstairs! :)

  10. kelly, this is such a fun blog! Silhouettes make everyone look so serene. I could hardly believe that was your spunky zuriah!

  11. This is so creative! So cute:)



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