Monday, May 23, 2011

speaking of being more organized...

So I'm not the kind of person who generally plans too far in advance. 

I like to procrastinate- it's not one of my better traits.

So ideally I would have written a lot of blog posts ahead of a trip we're going on {tomorrow} then had them scheduled out, but like I said, I'm bad at planning. Sorry about that. So the blog is taking a break for a week!

Tomorrow Ben and I are dropping the girls off at my parents and then going to Chicago for a few days! {Followed up of course with a visit back to my parents and a few other places}

We don't have too many plans yet- although on the top of our list are of course:


Any other suggestions? I'm sure we'll be downtown as well, let me know if you have any favorite places we must see! {It's been a while since we've been}.

I'm excited to share with you some pictures when we get back! Until then!

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