Friday, May 6, 2011

a DIY door

How in the world have we lived with these doors for four years? I really couldn't tell you- maybe the hope of "this is our next project" has kept me going. Or after awhile sometimes we just become blind to things that need updating in our house. Either way I'm done waiting. This is our next project! {Oh please let it be true this time}...

Here's what I want to do, and tell me what you think. 

I ran across this post from Hand Made Home a while back and have been inspired ever since to make my own doors! {PS that's a DIY screen door step by step tutorial in case you're interested}

This is a screen door that they built for their pantry. I LOVE it. And how fun that you can personalize it with some fabric!

Obviously I couldn't do screen doors all over my house- but I was thinking closets with a magnet closure-

Like these lovely ones in my bedroom {yes this is the small closet space I was talking about from this post awhile back}.

And our this closet door in our entry way:

Do you like the snazzy look of the brass and silver high end knobs? Oh my.

I am just dying to build some doors... what do you think I should do for the middle bathroom door? {Also a bad room choice for a screen door}. Maybe just continue the horizontal boards all the way up? 

What do you think? Am I nuts or do you like the idea? 


  1. I really like the white screen door! I say go for it and maybe just go all the way up on the bathroom door! I think it will look amazing :)

  2. How about the look of an old office door- Like you se on old detective office's. You could even put customized lettering on the door window!

  3. I LOVE that idea! Vintage doors are my favorite!!

  4. i'm not sure if you are into painting... but i love the idea of a door painted onto the door... i do wall murals and i've been dying to paint a flat door to look like it has panels and a distressed finish.. {uber trompe l'oeil style} unfortunately, all my doors already have panels... i can't wait to see what you do!



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