Wednesday, May 4, 2011

making mother's day special

I always get excited for special days- {Mother's Day and my birthday to be specific}. And one of those days is coming up! I wanted to share with you something I've learned in the last year, that can maybe help you {if you're anything like me}.

I'm not gonna lie. I like to feel special on these certain days. But here's the thing- my husband doesn't always know what I want. My children {bless their little toddler hearts} don't know what I want.

So here's my suggestion for you- at least this is what I'm doing and maybe it will help you!

Tell them what you want to do on that day. Mother's Day is a special day and it's a day that should be special for you. You really do deserve a day! Teach your children how to honor you. "We're making cards for mommy because God says to honor your mother and father and today is a special day for mommy." 

I've definitely gone the 'pity' route in the past- doesn't my husband know what I want by now? The answer is no. {Not generally}. So lay it out for him- this is what I want to do on that day. These are the meals I want to have. This is what I'd like you to buy me. If you don't do it, he may not, and then begins a sad day.

He really does want to make it special for you, but a lot of times he doesn't know what you want. This makes it so much easier on both of you! You get a special day and he gets to make you feel special- something you both love!

Oh on the topic of mothering I want to share with you a few treasures I love and highly recommend, or have been highly recommended to me by amazing friends of mine.

To Train Up A Child- always a favorite- amazing insight looking to the Amish in their child raising techniques.

Shepherding A Child's Heart- Speaking to your child's heart- the things he says and does flows out of his heart. 

The Five Love Languages for Children- How to speak to your child based on his love language- or how he receives love.

Personality Plus for Parents- Finding your child's temperament and then how to relate to him based on his personality. {Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, Phlegmatic}


Do you have any favorite mothering resources? I'd love to hear what you've found!

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  1. I'm still a fan of the Rusty Trusty "What to Expect" books. I have a three year old so we're in the toddler years. It really helps because none of my friends have children - so I can kind of know ... what to expect! :)



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