Saturday, November 13, 2010

i'm kind of against patterns

That is I'm really bad at following directions. In fact when Ben and I are lost he's the one who wants to stop for directions. I'm the one wanting to just figure it out myself. We usually end up lost or in an argument, and that's the downside of it all, but this can be good when it comes to crafting. I can say honestly,

I have never used a pattern.


Yes it's true. I sew and sew and sew, but never in my life have I used one. It just falls down to following directions, and well I get too impatient. So instead I just figure it out,
like this bag

or this dress

or this reversible toddler skirt

this baby blanket

and this apron.

With all that said I'm not opposed to giving directions, so look for some tutorials in the future on

{sewing for beginners}

{sewing for baby}

and possibly some more... any suggestions?

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