Saturday, November 13, 2010

let's talk christmas.

Ok Christmas. My, {and everyone's} favorite holiday- right? Who can resist the warm lights of a Christmas tree on a cold winter night with hot chocolate, presents, the smell of cinnamon, candles, family, friends. Ahh love it. Just love it! And the fact that we're celebrating Christ's birth, too amazing {isn't He a wonderful savior}? In fact I love Christmas so much I'm about to decorate this week. Really. I know. {Well once the weather cools down a bit}.

So since I'm so ready to decorate I thought maybe, just maybe you are too! Here are some of my favorite ways to decorate for the holidays on a *budget*


Fresh or pretend {as Zuriah would say}. I love them at the base of candles, strung on the tree, in wreaths, just everywhere.

I generally will buy bags of cranberries after Thanksgiving {sale!} and freeze them- and will adorn my candles with them! Usually they last awhile but you may need to change them out once before Christmas.

I have yet to make a cranberry wreath but I would definitely use "pretend" cranberries for that, so it will last and keep for more than one year.

Is that a kissing ball? Love it!

You may or may not have need of place cards but how beautiful is this?

{jingle bells}

dashing through the snow... ahh I've always wanted to ride on a one horse open sleigh. Anyone with me? Jingle bells make me think of Christmas, so I put them everywhere of course!


simple yet so classy

and every time the door opens you hear Christmas!

And just a note on buying jingle bells- they are pretty inexpensive- especially if you find them on sale. I got some just a week ago at Hobby Lobby for 50% off {gotta love Hobby Lobby}. So look for the sales and stock up! Different sizes could look stunning together.

{pine cones}

come on these things are free! And look how amazing they can look!

perfect- covered in fake snow spray. I wonder if they are sitting in silver vases? Lovely.

too pretty.

Ok this post was too much fun. Feeling inspired?

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