Wednesday, November 24, 2010

little known facts {about me}

Here are some things I like. Just because. It's a bit random. Just a warning.

{If you are one of my bff's you can just ignore this post or smile because you most likely know it all anyway}


{Period Movies}
Although I'm not too much a fan of books... mostly because I can't get out of them and end up wasting days upon days... movies are much quicker and more enjoyable for me

Yes, I do end up wanting to call Ben "Mr. Varner" when I'm finished watching, and use words like "disagreeable" and "splendid." {and I do prefer the BBC version of P&P... with some exceptions}

{Antique Shops}
the cutest antique town ever... Paxico, Kansas

Especially antique furniture. In this particular town they had a baby cradle that was 200 years old and came to Kansas by covered wagon. I would furnish my entire house in antiques if I could afford it.

{Mannheim Steamroller}
I grew up with it, what can I say? And I'm rather festive.

I think I love the history and charm... and cute little ancient towns like Bath... and Canterbury is also a fav. I would love to live there but doubt I could ever leave my family {or my family could stand to be away from the girlies}.

{Designer Fabric}
I'd love to one day own my own boutique and carry all my favorites. Just looking at all of it makes me happy!
{this is designer Heather Bailey carried by Fabritopia}

And daybeds because they're perfect for them... hence the name. This one looks perfect, love the colors. {Haven daybed by Thomasville}

{Friends and Family}
Last but not least... of course. I have the BEST friends in the world! And my family is wonderful and love us dearly. I am very thankful.

I have the best husband and little girls a girl could ask for. What a blessing.


There you have it a little glimpse into me.

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