Saturday, November 13, 2010

more christmas inspiration: {pretty presents}

So before I kick off back {to} domestics' Christmas {tutorial series} I thought I'd give some more Christmas inspiration. So following is some inspiration on Christmas packages because who doesn't love pretty presents?

stamps for each person on white paper- super cute!

get creative with ribbon {or in this case paper}

twine and string are always pretty

she used doilies to make these gift card envelopes- beautiful!

Here are some tips I've found useful when choosing wrapping:

*think 'out of the box' with wrapping- you can use fabric, pretty boutique paper, {check out Paper Source, one of my favorite scrapbook stores} sheet music, whatever!

*twine or string make a lovely substitute for ribbon

*big print always is pretty

*skip on the stick bows and plastic ribbon- instead make your own with pretty paper

*pick a color palate for your tree and follow it through with the gifts

*{if you're really getting into coordinating} I've found a dot {or stripe}, a pattern, a solid, {and sometimes another small pattern} look great together!

*avoid store bought gift tags, instead get creative, for example use big letters: A for Anah

*if you're not a fan of gift tags color code your packages for each person

*embellish your packages with fabric flowers, cranberries, evergreen, pinecones etc.


Happy wrapping!!


Christmas {tutorial series} begins Monday!

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