Thursday, November 18, 2010

my favorite diy wreath

Let me share with you one of my very favorite DIY wreaths made by Jones Design Company. I made one for a friend for Christmas and already gave it to her because we were both too excited! But for a few days I got to hang it up in my house and tonight I'm making another because it's just too pretty. 

{click here for full tutorial}

I made mine using Bible pages {don't worry it was from one of our many extra copies} anyway I mixed in some of the pages with red letters and turned out pretty cute. 

I've also seen it done where you can paint the edges of the book brown before tearing out the pages to give the pages a more vintage look. 

Hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I did- I'm attempting to make all my Christmas presents again this year {for about the 5th consecutive year} I'll be sure to post any other fun tutorials I find! {and please let me know if you find any as well!}

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