Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a mobile {tutorial}

By now you've probably noticed my obsession with baby things... I blame it on nesting. 

Anyway, last night I mixed a bit of that obsession with crafting {and a BBC miniseries} to make this:

A pinwheel baby mobile, or in this case a pinwheel big girl mobile, as it's hanging above my four-year-old's bed.

I have every intention of replicating this for the boys, although I might used spray painted pine cones. That to come later. {I need to wait until I can actually find pine cones...}

I took my crafting to the couch while my hubby worked late. It was a nice night.

Here's what I used:

Pretty *double sided* scrapbook paper {I love the big books from K&C Company- inexpensive and way cute}
Sewing thread
Paper cutter
Crafting dowel rods
Crafting brads {found in the scrapbook section}
Floral wire
Needle or something to poke through paper

Aren't these brads cute? I got them at Hobby Lobby on sale. I feel like I could use them for anything!

Start with varying sizes of scrapbook paper squares.

Fold in half, then in half again, to create guides.

Cut 3/4 of the way up each corner

Fold each corner in and tape. Usually I use some type of easy scrapbook tape but I couldn't find it so just used Scotch, and it worked fine, just not as convenient.

Poke through the center with a needle or other pointy thing

Then stick in your brad

And fold the back

All different sizes and colors! Pretty!

Cross two dowel rods together and criss cross floral wire around them to make them secure.

I covered mine with pink ribbon to make it pretty- I left about 2-3 feet of length so I could tie it from the ceiling

Use thread to tie to the back of the pinwheel- make sure to tie a knot in the middle of the brat so the pinwheel will hang straight

Then tie to the rod. I varied the distances and adjusted them in order for the mobile to hang straight.

There you go! 

Pretty like Pottery Barn- many more options to consider! I think paper flowers are beautiful, and I'd love to see airplanes, birds, etc. A fun way to personalize your nursery!

*Note* If hanging in a nursery this is for decoration only. Hang high enough so baby won't grab, or remove if she can stand up to reach. This is very easily broken (as I only used sewing thread) but can be strengthened by using embroidery thread or ribbon.

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