Thursday, July 28, 2011

the best mom products {for twins and not}

So I've been a little obsessed over baby everything {can you blame me?} I really feel like I'm having baby No. 1 again- it's not only twins but boys. Oh my what fun!

Here are some of the best {twins and not specifically twins} things I've run across in the last few weeks that I'm dreaming to have for my boys. Please feel free to comment and add any other amazing products to the list that I've missed!

Best Twin Stroller
Yes it's a bit of a hefty price tag {I'll be trading up from my Phil & Ted's because although an incredible double stroller it's not the best for twins}. I love the City Select because although a tandem, it's compact like the Phil & Ted's and easy to push! And I of course love all the options.

Best Diaper Bag

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack 

{or really any diaper bag that can also be a backpack- but not necessarily look like one} Why? For two free hands! And look how adorably stylish it is! And plenty of space- again a hefty price tag, I have expensive taste it's true, but good news- you {and I} can find them very reasonable on Ebay.

Best Crib


LOVE this Crib from Pottery Barn Kids. {Don't get mad at me but I'm going to have Ben build a few for me... yes I'm confident that he can build a crib just as well as Graco, and yes I have all the crib specifications}. It's just too cute and about the same price to build as a Wal-Mart crib. I can hardly resist.

Also love the changing table that goes with it.

Best Carrier
The Moby Wrap! No doubt best carrier overall for any baby and really the only option for carrying twins. I'm thinking of getting one for me and one for Ben for when I don't want to carry two. Moby's are very reasonable in price, this particular one is just a cuter version from the Etsy shop, Lovey Duds.

Best Co-Sleeper
We co-sleep with our babies {or at least we have so far. I'm still working out how it works with two at a time!} Here's the best bed-side co-sleeper option I've found. I like it because it's a Pack n Play! So when I'm done with it for co-sleeping I have it for other uses. Although not as cute, I think much more practical than bassinets. The first picture is the only "twin" option they have {sad right?} but I think any Pack n Play with the raised floor will work.

Best Vehicle 

We have been blessed to be able to buy a newer vehicle for our family. Now that we're having an addition of two at one time we've all of a sudden grown out of a car! 

Here's the best vehicle I've found for having twins:
A VAN! And more specifically, the Toyota Sienna {my favorite, although I also have been looking like crazy at anything and everything on the market- including the Honda Odyssey, and Chrysler Town and Country which are also both awesome}

This has been a hard one for me. I always said I'd never own a minivan. Here's why I changed my mind: dual sliding doors and space. Yes the Highlander and Pilot are way cooler but nothing beats the push of a button to load your kids in. Oh and the options... DVD- yes please!


There's many more amazing products out there, I'd love to hear about them, especially if you've had twins! {I'm still in search for perfect high chairs, nursing pillows, and several other things}. I love baby shopping! Too fun! 


  1. I am so happy for you guys! Babies are so much fun! Blessings! :)

  2. I love the crib and changing table, so cute!



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