Wednesday, August 17, 2011

bag {2} tutorial

Out of a bit of necessity I decided I wanted a trash keeper for our new van. I couldn't find anything I liked to buy so I just designed something simple- here's how I made it. {Oh and you can use this for your stroller too, it'd be a great little extra storage, or even a small bag- just change the straps.}

Just a warning, this tutorial is a bit photo heavy.

What you'll need:

Pretty fabric {about a half yard}
Fabric for inside bag 
Stiff iron-on interfacing
2 D Rings
Sewing Machine

I used some Amy Butler home decor fabric for the outside and some solid quilting fabric for the inside.

Cut two pieces of the pretty fabric to 9"x 12". Do the same for the inside fabric.

Cut your interface to be about an inch shorter than the pretty fabric {so 8"x12"}

Do it for each side, and iron them on. 

Fold over {twice} the extra fabric and sew it for both sides.

Place the two pieces facing each other and sew the two sides and bottom together.

When you flip it, this is what you should have. 

Now for the inside- sew the two pieces together, while hemming the top and leaving it open {the top hem should be longer so this bag is just about a 1/4" shorter than the outside bag}. You should have basically a small pillowcase.

Place the insert inside. 

And sew a seam around the top, just under the hem of the pretty fabric.

To make the strap cut a strip of fabric to your desired length. Fold it "pretty to pretty" and sew it shut. Then turn it inside out. 

I like to sew two seams to make it flat.

CUT about 4 inches of this strap. 

Take the longer strap and sew the end shut like pictured. 

Take the shorter {4"} strap and sew on two D rings.

I used a zipper foot to get a closer seam.

Here's where you can decide where to put your straps. For a bag you can place the straps on either side. For my purpose I placed the straps together in the center of the back of the bag.

And sewed it shut repeatedly for strength... cut all strings to clean it up.

This will work to hang from your seat... 

Or here in the front off the 'purse hook'

Cutest little trash bag that you can't find at Target. Pretty simple and quick, and now my new van stays clean!

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  1. What a great idea for keeping the car clean. And it looks so cute! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I love it.. it a fun way to add some cuteness to your car, in addition to the far that it will keep it nice and clean.

    can i just say i have no idea how you are able to do all you do.... YOU ARE AMAZING!

  3. Ha! Well it has a lot to do with the double nesting- ps need to show you the coasters I've been making, I'll have to make some for you! :) Love you friend!



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