Friday, August 5, 2011

flower bow {tutorial}

For my girls' birthday this year my three year old {now four} and I made these cute little flower bows for all the girls.

I think these are the simplest and quickest flower bows! {So simple my three year old did it- and in fact it's her cute little fingers in the tutorial!}

I used duck cloth for the fabric- I started with five squares {they don't have to be perfect}, a circle, and a leaf shape. Unlike the picture shows, I recommend using an alligator clip- the type pictured likes to pop off.

Start by gluing your leaf to the circle with hot glue.

Take a square

Fold it in half

Then in half again.

Glue to your circle.

Do the same for the remaining three, and stick the last folded piece right in the middle.

Stick on your clip and you're done! I like to either secure the clip with thread or stick one end through the flower so it won't come off. Another idea is sewing it to a string of elastic for a headband. Cute, cheap, simple, and quick! The best kind of projects!

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