Monday, August 29, 2011

goodbye to a friend

Last week we lost a dear friend.

Our very well loved chocolate lab, Macey. 

I've concluded the reason why it's so hard losing a pet is because they are such a prime example of unconditional love. They love us no matter what, and Macey was so good at this. She was so good with the girls, and always protective {she wouldn't ever let me leave a baby crying}. After processing for several days we realized Macey taught our girls so much. She taught them responsibility- they were always the ones to feed her, give her water, and let her outside. She also taught them love, friendship, and dependability. 

May used to be a little crazy in her early years, but the second we brought our first home from the hospital she calmed right down and stayed that way from then on. Such a good puppy.

During her last few years {she was only 6 1/2 when we lost her} she developed diabetes and needed two shots of insulin a day. Despite this we weren't prepared to lose her so soon. The girls and I were visiting grandma and grandpa out of town and Ben called me at midnight one night to tell me. Between all my sobbing he told me he heard the Lord tell him very clearly, "it's time to say goodbye to Macey." Ben looked over at her and nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but he went over to her and within a minute she was gone. What a comfort to both our hearts that the Lord cares so much even for Macey.

We held a little funeral for her in our backyard. I'll always remember the girls' sweet little voices saying, "bye bye May May." Zuriah {4} said the other day, "Mom, Jesus is in our hearts and Macey is in our hearts too!" Anah {2} has just been telling me "May May Jesus Mama." I guess Macey now has also taught the girls about death and Heaven. 

My floors desperately need mopping but I just can't seem to bring myself to mop up May's paw prints just yet. All those times when I got mad at her for tracking in- it really makes me appreciate the little things. 

Sorry for a bit of a depressing blog post today, just missing our

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