Thursday, August 11, 2011

tips for organizing a linen closet

As I mentioned the other day I've been nesting like crazy. In my nestings I organized my very tiny linen closet, and I'm happy with how it turned out. In fact I'm surprised with what just a little organizing can do! I'm amazed at the space I have now!

Here are some tips I found helpful in organizing a small space like this:

{1} Minimize! 

I got rid of old sheet sets, blankets, and towels that were old, stained, or unused. Why do I save stuff like that? I'm amazed at how much space I cleared up!

{2} Roll

I decided to roll my towels and sheets- they look cute, organized, and it was much easier rolling a fitted sheet than trying to fold it into a jumbled mess! I'm pretty certain this saves space too.

{3} Label

I created paper labels and pinned them into the fitted and flat sheets. I hate getting them confused so this will be a welcome change! I didn't label them all, only one of each kind, then stacked. 

{4} Baskets

Baskets are an easy way to sort out odds and ends- for example crib sheets. They're much smaller but still need a space. This way they're separate and easy to find. In another basket I stuck sun lotion and baby shampoo.

{5} Candle

I like to put a nearly burned down candle in a small closet like this. Every time I open it I get a wave of the scent and my sheets and towels always smell good! {I've found Yankee candles or strong scented candles work best for this.}


Hope that helps and encourages you in organizing a small space! 

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