Tuesday, April 5, 2011

painted floor love {never say never}

I love my painted floor.

So much so... 

That I'm thinking of continuing the trend through my house...

You know how wood floors can be ruined by pet stains? {to the point where you can't even re-finish them to hide the stains?}

Well we have that problem in our upstairs hallway.

lovely huh? {don't get me started on the trim and doors also in need of a giant makeover}

And ideally I'd carpet, but carpet is expensive. Next up I would buy a nice runner, but again, expensive {at least for the big pretty ones} all to say I'm a little scared to paint because I always said I would never paint hardwood floors.

But never say never

This may very well be our next project.

You know I would have already started it but am choosing to honor my husband and getting my other projects done first... it's very hard for me. 

Here are some floors that inspire me.

{sources from left to right} No. 1 Country Living, No. 2 Paisley Wallpaper, No. 3 Hamptons, No. 4 Design Amour {Royal Design Studios}, No. 5 unknown 

I'm thinking of something similar to the yellow one... just for fun! {Keep in mind the trim and doors will all be white soon} What do you think?


  1. I love the yellow one! I also love your kitchen floor. I showed it to my husband last night (usually he either doesn't care about home stuff or hates what I show him). He loved it and read your whole tutorial. He was even talking about doing it to our kitchen (well not ours yet- we're trying to buy) this morning. Awesome job! Where did you find inspirational pics? We are going for a farmhouse feel in our kitchen with a touch of modern. I have no idea what pattern to use.

  2. Thank you! I love just going to google image search and typing in "painted floor" or "stenciled floor" there's a lot that comes up! Depending on how much you want to spend you can either 1- make your own stencil based on fabric, scrapbook paper, or really any pretty pattern you like 2- buy one from a place like Hobby Lobby (around $15) or 3- buy one from a place like Royal Design Studio (they are absolutely INCREDIBLE!- see my post on "nix wallpaper coming back") but they are also very pricy- around $50 or more.

    Go with something you know you'll love! :) And you can always try it out in an inconspicuous spot, like behind the fridge or stove.

    Also just a note on the painted subfloors- they are a little more maintenance than I thought so far, but also we haven't put on our sealer yet. I mop it more than I did with the linoleum and it can get dented easily, although I think it gives it character :) I love it though and wouldn't change it :)

  3. Kelly, you're awesome! If you guys ever sell your house, it'll go in a minute with all the cool stuff you have done.

    Saw this and it made me think of your floor: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/kitchen-design/a-wallpapered-orla-kiely-refrigerator-casapinka-143338


  4. You're so sweet! It's funny I sometimes I think about resale... I appreciate that, because I've been afraid of the other side of it- people thinking it's too different or personal- but we have fun families around here, I'm sure someone would appreciate it!

    And that fridge is super fun- but I am way not that bold- at least not yet ;)

  5. Thanks for the lovely ideas. You have an awesome blog here!



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