Friday, April 1, 2011

a business

You know how I mentioned I love genealogy?

In researching I found out that up to 5 generations back in my family have been entrepreneurs {and I've always wondered why I've been so business-starting minded}.

So in the last few {years, months & days} I've been praying and brainstorming {and praying some more} for business ideas. I have lots. But not a lot I can do right now, or a lot that would be good for me {as a stay-at-home mama} to do. Although I really believe that it's only a matter of time before I get something started.

With all that said I think the best way to start is just to put some hand-made stuff up on the blog. So keep a look out for my blog "shop" and I would be honored if you would support me in my business venture!

PS... If you have any ideas for me  P L E A S E  feel free to shoot them this way! I'm all ears!


  1. This sounds great! I will have to keep an eye on your shop!

  2. I have a couple aprons I love wearing when I cook, but they would look really cute if they were in something Amy Butler pattern! I think if you looked at them you could probably figure out the patterns, I didn't make them. Just an idea.

  3. I'd love to do aprons... although I'm not exactly sure I want to do something that requires sewing. I will definitely keep that on the list though!!



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