Monday, April 18, 2011

my favorite types of antiques

I love antiques of all kinds, I think it's so fun when I can bring something old into my home and give it new life. 

This weekend I visited an architectural antique shop in town that had multitudes of antique doors {and lots of other lovely things}. Unfortunately {being an adorable antique store in the middle of a huge city} the prices were not so much in my range. Sad. 

So I'm turning to a few different sources for antique doors and things {like Craigslist, Ebay, and out of town antique stores}- here's what's on my "antiques to buy" list.

No. 1 Interior doors

Like this one from The Lettered Cottage. So pretty.

These are a few doors from Architectural Salvage in Kansas City. Love them! Especially that pocket door that could be used as a "barn door":

I'm adding a bedroom in our sort-of basement area but will use it for an office. I'm thinking an antique door will be perfect, and since we're creating the space, size doesn't matter too much so we're not so limited. {The perfect time to think "old door"}

No. 2 Cast Iron Mailbox

Actually... this isn't an antique but it's too pretty, and definitely has an antique feel:

I've been wanting to replace our mailbox outside, {I know, a little detail, but could make a big difference}. As I was looking at Lowes and finding nothing too spectacular I started thinking about how pretty old mailboxes are. Pretty indeed.

No. 3 Planters

Like more of this one {in front of my house}

There's a reason why I didn't photograph the top- no flowers yet- but I'm very anxious to get out and garden!

No. 4 Hardware

Pulls, latches, handles...

So much character!

What are your favorite types of antiques?


  1. I love antiques too. They add so much character to a home. I tend to lean towards furniture. I love the idea of antique hardware though.

  2. I love antique furniture too! I have no idea why I didn't talk about it :) I have an antique rocking chair I just love that I'm waiting to re-uphulster. Very fun.

  3. I'm a sucker for old antique windows, especially leaded stained glass, when I'm at flea markets I always have to stop and check the price tag, but so far I've never found one in my range. sad.

  4. I love antique windows too!! That Architectural Salvage store had a lot of antique stained glass ones but, like you said, VERY expensive :( In fact I was just looking for nothing-special antique windows and they were also very expensive.



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