Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a little girl's room

The other day my sweet little 3 {going on 13} year old asked me if I could re-paint her room.

Wait, you're asking me to... re-design... your room? OK! What color?


Hmm... ok well...

Here's some inspiration I have so far- care to see?


I love the idea of a built in bed. And those drawers? Wonderful- extra storage and even better, no cleaning under the bed! {a MUST for us!}

I love the detail on the bed, although we will need bunk beds unless we can figure out a play room someday soon. 

I love this chandelier {from Pottery Barn Kids}. Don't you think a chandelier would be perfect in a little girls room? Even if it's not a light chandelier, something like this will work just as nice.

Again with the detail. So pretty. {Notice the chandelier?} And paneling? Lovely but I think we're paneled out for now.

Oh and that trundle is a nice touch.

Nothing says princess like pink walls and draped fabric!

I love all the pink, lots of pink, but not on the walls. Also an option.

The style of this one is far from what I want, but how fun are the 4 built in bunk beds??

Or something like this might work... with pink of course!

A very pretty rug!

We're throwing around the idea of putting in a window seat. I love the look of them.

Stripes... love. And that 3/4 wall rail? Perfect.

So here are things that I feel would make a perfect room for my girls:
  1. Bunk beds {built ourselves}
  2. Storage or trundle under the bed so toys stay out!
  3. Window seat
  4. Book shelves {aka toy storage}
  5. Chandelier
  6. Lots of pretty fabric
  7. A big beautiful rug
{but we all know this won't happen until mommy can finish her other projects... }

But I can dream and plan!

What do you think? Is there anything I'm missing for a perfect little girl's room?


  1. Beautiful rooms. One thing to consider is a bunk bed hugger. Not just for bunk beds, these fitted comforters look great on any bed. They appear to be tucked in so they look neat and tidy. To see some, visit or this squidoo lens.



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