Thursday, April 14, 2011

craft room collecting

Look what I found there the other day at Michaels {for super cheap I might add}

Some things to put in my craft room to create inspiration:

A massive book of amazing scrapbook paper {$15 for 54 sheets, pretty good deal and I'm sure I'll use every bit of it!}

All of it reminds me of the fabulous Amy Butler {especially the Peony} 

Perhaps some time I'll own an amazing rug by her to finish it off!

I'm excited to get going on the craft room. Mom and Dad will be in this weekend and the plan is to help us finish the craft room. Ben and I are taking a trip today to an antique shop downtown that carries vintage doors- I'm hoping to find one to fit our space- how fun would that be!

I shall let you know what we find!


  1. Love. I love it all. I just looked through basically all your blog entries and I am thoroughly amazed. AMAZED.

  2. Oh thank you Erica! You're pretty amazing yourself!



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