Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm seriously too excited... I finally got a nice camera! 
Beautiful blog pictures are coming!!!

And speaking of beautiful pictures, and really just for fun, I wanted to share with you some photographers who inspire me! {and also just happen to be friends. I think you'll be impressed! I love bragging on these guys...}

And let me say too... more on the subject of my blog... that I think it is such a wonderful idea to invest in good photos of your family! We put aside a few hundred dollars a year for really beautiful family pictures and I am SO happy we do! I never regret it! {AND they make GREAT presents!} Both the Steve's listed below have taken our family photos and have done an outstanding job {we look like we could be in a magazine in some of them... seriously!}

Anyway... hope you enjoy!

Brittany Clemens: 
Cat's Like Scotch Photography

Brittany is a Chicago girl and has been a great friend of mine for years. She uses an old film SLR camera and does all her own developing! Yeah she's pretty amazing. 

Want a print from Britt? Check out her Etsy shop! {Many more prints online} PS did I mention I just adore her?

 Steve Willis:
Underpin Photography

Steve's wife has been a friend of mine for a few years now and I just love them! Steve's photography is incredible. He's based out of Kansas City {but of course will travel!}

Steve Offutt
Steven Michael Photography

I've been friends with {this Steve's} wife for a few years as well. And they are such an awesome family. I love his photography. He's also based in Kansas City but will travel.

PS... That's my sister- can you tell? 

To see more of everyone's work click on their blogs and websites- much, much more to look at! And if you're at all interested in a family shoot {or know someone who needs wedding pics} give these guys a call!


  1. Yeah for new cameras!!What'd ya get?? although any camera can take beautiful pictures! i have seen some amazing ones from cellphones even! Just gotta know how to run it! :) Enjoy your camera, I love getting new toys like that!!

  2. Which one did I get... well I've had about 4 different cameras since last week, but I'm thinking I'll stick with the one I have- a Canon G12. It's not an SLR like I was wanting (and had for a few days) but it seems like it will work great for what I need it for.

  3. yea, i heard that is a nice one! and im super partial to canon! ;) You got to test several out though eh, that is nice! that is the way to go!! Have fun! ill be watching for new pics!!



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