Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my favorite sewing tips & tricks

 No. 1: Tearing fabric 

I learned this trick from the wonderful Urban Arts & Crafts {Kansas City}. Cotton fabric will tear perfectly!! It saves so much time {and frustration} cutting! It tears perfect every time! 

No. 2: Strong needles

I used to sew some heavy duty projects on a regular basis and was breaking needles left and right. I finally decided just to go for the strongest needles and never changed back. I still break needles but not nearly as much, and hardly ever on the lighter projects.

No. 3: {Little} Thread on hand

Before I had a sewing machine I had little sewing kits that came with all the lovely different color samples of thread. I never got rid of them and actually have found them super useful when sewing a project and then realizing I don't have coordinating thread. No kidding, 100% of the time I have found thread in my pile of samples that has worked! It's not ideal of course, and there's not much there, but it's so nice to have on hand!

No. 4: Fabric on Hand

I never regret having loads of fabric- it creates inspiration! I hardly ever buy my fabric at full price. If I make a lot of something I like to go to Joannes and use their 40% off "one cut" of fabric and stock up! It's harder to find designer fabric on sale- for that I usually have to just pay full price, but when I can find it- I stock up! 

No. 5: Coordinating fabric

For a short time I sewed some baby bedding {it was a lot of work which is why I stopped}, but in my 'research' of the baby bedding industry I noticed something- almost every bed had the following:

1. A patterned fabric {sometimes a big and little together}
2. A solid fabric 
3. A striped or a poka-dot fabric

from Pottery Barn Kids

This has been so helpful in not only sewing projects, but also designing my home spaces {and even outfits at times!} It always works to balance everything and make a nice look.

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