Friday, February 18, 2011

a simple pattern {tutorial}

I needed a new kitchen towel- thought I'd make one.

If you're looking for a beginning sewing project, this is a great one to start with.

The following tutorial can be used for baby blankets and pillows as well! {Specific instructions for these are at the bottom of the post}

I started with about a half yard piece of upholstery fabric from Joanne's and some towel like material I had {I couldn't tell you what it's called but I know Joanne's carries it}

Cut the two pieces to your desired length and width {I just used an old kitchen towel to measure from}

Place the two pieces together- wrong sides out and pretty sides facing.

Pin them together.

Begin to sew {A quilting foot works wonders if you're having problems with the material pulling}

Make sure to back stitch whenever you start and end- to ensure your stitch won't unravel.

Here's how I do corners... I get to the edge then manually put the needle down, put the sewing foot up, and twist the fabric. It's much easier than starting and stopping, and you don't have to backstitch.

Sew until about the middle of your last side and backstitch so the seam won't unravel.

You should have a pocket like this {I like the pocket to be located in the middle of one of my sides rather than at the edge}

Make sure to cut the extra fabric at the corners and sides before flipping- the corners will lay much nicer this way.

Flip it inside out.

Sew the pocket closed {make sure you have coordinating thread}. I like to sew all the way around to hide my pocket seam- I definitely do this when sewing a baby blanket.

And there you have it. A very simple kitchen towel!

For a pillow: change up the fabric and when you are at the spot where you have your pocket, just stuff it then sew closed!

For a baby blanket: Change the fabric and make sure to sew around the edge or add a binding!

Check here for more sewing tutorials!



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