Thursday, October 27, 2011

keeping busy

With about 3 weeks to go until I'm 36 weeks {aka potential babies time}, we've been staying busy!

Bunk beds are nearly complete...

{filling holes, sanding, and painting left to go}

I'm pretty proud of my husband for taking this wood pile and transforming it!

The girls love it.

I thought it was a necessary project to get completed so my youngest wouldn't be in a crib when the boys arrive.

Unfortunately a few hiccups almost discouraged us from the 'build our own cribs' project. I'm hoping we're still on board for that- but ultimately it's up to my 'carpenter'. 

By the way, we used these plans in case you're interested. 


We've finally established names for these boys {minus the middle names that we're still arguing about discussing} 
both are versions of the Biblical names Jonah and Elijah.

To celebrate our choosing names I covered some letters for them...

{I bought chipboard letters from JoAnn's and covered them in burlap- perfect for my rustic woodland themed nursery}

Only a few months ago I had nothing for the boys, but now I feel we're almost ready! With the exception of the perfect diaper bag {suggestions welcome}, I'm almost fully prepared... well as prepared as I can be for the arrival of twin boys!

Now I'm just organizing like crazy before these boys decide to make their entrance! 

By the way these are the trees I painted in their nursery:

and look how adorable these blankets are that Nana made for them! {We've decided J will be blue and E will be green- for the most part!}

I found these bumper pads at the thrift store for $2 each that I'll recover in linen for their cribs:

My next project!


On a bit of an unrelated note... our Christmas tree will coming out on November 1st. Purely for practical reasons of course- as I won't be able to set it up later- and has nothing to do with my obsession over Christmas, I assure you. ;)

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